Bookseller Alec Firth is having an affair with his assistant, Liz, and has craftily organised his domestic life so that they can go to Spain on holiday without making Alec’s wife, Maggie, remotely suspicious. what could possibly go wrong? The answer: plenty. On the doorstep, in dizzyingly rapid succession, are: Phoebe, Alec’s mother, who has discharged herself from her old people’s home and has no intention of returning; Alec’s son Jamie, with a broken ankle; and Alec’s daughter Mandy, heavily pregnant and not planning to marry the child’s father. And, to cap it all, Maggie, herself about to go away on holiday, has bought a dog (which we don’t see) requiring more than its fair share of attention. Alec’s attempts to resolve his problems and escape with Liz are charted to hilarious effect in Haywire, written with all Eric Chappell’s customary wit and ingenuity.

19th – 26th March 2016

(No performance Sunday night)

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