Well with high winds predicted, we had lots of layers on under our Victorian costume. However, we were saved from doing battle with the winds by Massie Street Church, who very kindly let us take shelter and perform there – we should have been out in the open on the green!  We had a great time and thank the church for their hospitality.

We performed a potted version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ between 11am and 2pm. It was performed as a radio play and was very well received.

Caroline’s sister Suzanne, who bakes and dresses the most amazing cakes, had made us some for the event. Thank you once again for these! They were absolutely delicious and were a fabulous treat when we took our break.

The guys got pretty good at switching between playing the music and turning on the microphones (another ‘gift’ from performing in the church!). DJ Chris in da house along with DJ IP assisting did a great job. Scrooge (aka Rod) took his role so seriously that he went out and tripped down Massie Street in his long johns, nightgown and hat! We even sang a carol and a song to top and tail each run. Is there no end to the talents of Players’ members?!