Our History

Great things from little acorns grow……and thus it was with Players.

stacks_image_3111920Originally founded in the 1920s,and for want of a home of its own, Players Dramatic Society first began by performing in Cheadle Hulme Parish Hall and even in members’ homes.

1947However it had always harboured a dream of having its own theatre and to this end, in 1947, purchased an old army hut cum army depot in Sharston. It was dismantled  and put it into storage until such time as they could find a suitable site for its re-erection.Several years went by, with various sites coming under consideration but all were rejected  for one reason or another.

1950Until one day they came upon its current site which was bought and  where the hut was erected  in 1950. This hut was optimistically named The Playhouse.

This basic wooden structure was used for meetings and socials but plays were still presented in the Parish Hall,until in typical Players fashion, a bunch of enthusiastic members rolled up their sleeves and set to work,constructing a stage and fairly primitive dressing room facilities. Such dressing room facilities involved the use of a caravan parked behind the theatre and accessed through an open window on the back wall! Not exactly the height of luxury but at last, Players had a theatre they could call their own!

1955– The first three-act play presented at the Playhouse was Count Your Blessings in 1955.  This was a great step forward and all well and good but the building was still only viewed as a temporary construction by the Council. The only solution to combat the constant threat of demolition hanging over it, was to make the building into a permanent fixture by putting a brick shell around the wooden structure. Thus began another building project. This time one which included the provision of such theatrical mod cons as a  lighting and sound perch.  Making the Green Room into a permanent fixture.  Plus further improving the foyer and updating the kitchen and toilets facilities.

1965-The new theatre, looking externally very much like it does today, opened in 1965.PDS 3

In the ensuing years, the Society has continued to improve its both onstage and offstage facilities-    further developing the foyer, kitchen and toilets and additionally constructing the lounge and bar at the front of the theatre. Next came the building dubbed ‘The Tower’ at the rear of the theatre, invaluable for storing scenery, props etc. Provision of new toilets and a washroom for the actors followed.. The car park too was surfaced and at last we were able to drive in without putting our car’s suspension at serious risk.

1980-The seating too has undergone a transformation. Up until the early 1980,  it had been composed of stacking chairs which had to be clipped together, numbered and laid out on the stillages before each production.. These stillages were a set of boxes which created different seating levels which had to be removed and stacked under a tarpaulin in the corner of the car park after each play. An ardous task. Hardly surprising then that  the Committee’s proposal to improve the auditorium, with a proper stepped floor and real tip-up theatre seating along with central heating, carpets and other creature comforts was warmly approved.  So plans were drawn up, together with a budget, and at the end of the 1984-85 season work commenced  and carried on at a frantic pace throughout the summer.

1985-The new theatre inside, more or less as we know it today, was unveiled in 1985.

PDS STAGE 1To Present Day-The work of course goes on. The bar has now moved upstairs and we have a large bar area to accommodate our social events. We also have a coffee lounge downstairs for our patrons also providing extra space for meetings. The kitchen too has a new range and fitted out to cope with catering needs. In addition, a stairlift has been installed plus a disabled toilet. A small band of inhouse workers rallied round and redecorated the foyer relatively recently too, giving the premises a brand new lick of paint and smart new look. In short, thanks to the constant achievements of its loyal members-past and present- we have a theatre to be proud of and long may it flourish!

 Past Productions

May 2018 The Hound Of The Baskervilles
March 2018 There Goes The Bride
November 2017 Stone Cold Murder
September 2017 Much Ado About Nothing
May 2017 Lost In Yonkers
March 2017 Hobsons Choice
November 2016 The Anniversary
October 2016 Touch And Go
April 2016 Our Day Out
November, 2015 Iron
September, 2015 The Weekend
July, 2015 The Heist
May, 2015 Bedroom Farce
March, 2015 The Importance of Being Earnest
November, 2014 Barefoot in the Park
September, 2014 Cash on Delivery
May, 2014 Kindly Keep It Covered
March, 2014 Confusions
November, 2013 The 39 Steps
Sep-Oct, 2013 Secondary Cause Of Death
May, 2013 Pygmalion
March, 2013 The Retreat from Moscow
January, 2013 Out of Order
November, 2012 My Boy Jack
September, 2012 Shakers
May, 2012 Ladies’ Day
March, 2012 Thérèse Raquin
January, 2012 Black Comedy
November, 2011 Snake in the Grass
October, 2011 Zack
May, 2011 Flat Spin
March, 2011 The Caretaker
January, 2011 I Ought To Be in Pictures
November, 2010 We Love You, Arthur
October, 2010 Table Manners
May, 2010 Blue Remembered Hills
March, 2010 Murder by Misadventure
January, 2010 Something Blue
January, 2000 Blithe Spirit   
March, 2000 House Guest   
May, 2000 Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead   
October, 2000 Educating Rita   Winner, Best Production for All England Theatre Festival
November, 2000  Arms and the Man   Winner of Best Production for All-England Theatre Festival
January, 2001  Once A Catholic  G.M.D.F. Natwest Trophy winners
March, 2001 Gasping   
May, 2001 Dancing At Lughnasa   
October, 2001 The Things We Do For Love   
November, 2001 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime   
January, 2002 Rumours   
March, 2002 Love On The Dole   
May, 2002 Stepping Out   
October, 2002 Hard Times   
November, 2002 My Three Angels   
January, 2003 How The Other Half Loves   
March, 2003 Bold Girls   
May, 2003 When We Are Married  
September, 2003 Mr. Wonderful   
November, 2003 Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me   
January, 2004 A Midsummer Night’s Dream   
March, 2004 Uncle Vanya   
May, 2004 Ten Times Table   
September, 2004 Holiday Snap   
November, 2004 Bazaar and Rummage   
January, 2005 Absurd Person Singular   
March, 2005 Abigail’s Party   
May, 2005 Neville’s Island   
October, 2005 Run For Your Wife   
November, 2005 The Beauty Queen of Leenane   
January, 2006 The Steamie   
March, 2006 Dangerous Obsession   
May, 2006 Absent Friends   
October, 2006 Quartet   
November, 2006 Season’s Greetings   
January, 2007 Blood Brothers   
March, 2007 The Mysterious Mr. Love   
May, 2007 The Woman in White  
October, 2007 Deathtrap   
November, 2007 Play On   
January, 2008 Billy Liar   
March, 2008 Rattle of a Simple Man   
May, 2008 The Curious Savage   
October, 2008 Albert Nobbs   
November, 2008 Cat’s Cradle   
January, 2009 The Prisoner of Second Avenue   
March, 2009 Twelfth Night   
May, 2009 Murdered to Death   
October, 2009 The End of the Food Chain   
November, 2009 And A Nightingale Sang   
March, 1990 Death of a Salesman   
May, 1990 Daisy Pulls It Off   
June, 1990 84, Charing Cross Road   
September, 1990 A Night on the Tiles   
November, 1990 The Canterbury Tales   
January, 1991 Laburnum Grove   
March, 1991 Juno and the Paycock   
May, 1991 Quartermaine’s Terms   
June, 1991 Bazaar and Rummage   
October, 1991 A Month of Sundays   
November, 1991 A Pack of Lies   
March, 1992 The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery  
May, 1992 Journey’s End   
October, 1992 Under Milk Wood   
November, 1992 The Poker Session   
March, 1993 The Sunshine Boys   
May, 1993 She Stoops to Conquer   
October, 1993 Round and Round the Garden   
November, 1993  Abelard and Heloise   Winner of M.D.D.F Shield
January, 1994 A Bedfull of Foreigners   
March, 1994 A Voyage Round My Father   
May, 1994 Steel Magnolias   
October, 1994 Outside Edge   
November, 1994 Veronica’s Room  
January, 1995 Our Day Out   
March, 1995 The Long and the Short and the Tall   
May, 1995 The Odd Couple (Female Version)   
October, 1995 On Golden Pond   
November, 1995 The Exorcism   
January, 1996 Broadway Bound   
March, 1996 Out of Order   
May, 1996 The Taming of the Shrew   
October, 1996 Straight and Narrow   
November, 1996 The Winslow Boy  
January, 1997 The Gingerbread Lady   
March, 1997 Tons of Money   
May, 1997 The Birthday Party   
October, 1997 Hindle Wakes   
November, 1997 Children of the Wolf   
January, 1998 Arsenic and Old Lace   
March, 1998 Butterflies Are Free   
May, 1998 Salt of the Earth   
October, 1998 Last of the Red Hot Lovers   
November, 1998 My Mother Said I Never Should   
January, 1999  The Fosdyke Saga   Winner, Best Production of All England Theatre Festival
March, 1999 Shadowlands   
May, 1999 The Cemetery Club   
October, 1999 The Dresser   
November, 1999 Sylvia’s Wedding   
1980  Table Manners   Manx Drama Federation winners
1980 Murder Deferred   
1980 The Dark Horse   
1980  Rookery Nook   M.D.D.F Shield Runners Up
1981 The Odd Couple   
1981 Traveller Without Luggage   
1981 All My Sons   
1981 Pygmalion   
1982 Breath of Spring   
1982 As You Like It   
1982 The Real Inspector Hound   
1982 The Importance of Being Earnest   
1982 Saturday, Sunday, Monday   
1983 Two and Two Make Sex   
1983 Lock Up Your Daughters   
1983 The Linden Tree   
1983 The Accrington Pals   
1984 Everybody Loves Opal   
1984 Rashomon   
1984 Stage Struck   
1984 Barefoot in the Park   
1985 And A Nightingale Sang   
1985  The Comedy of Errors   Natwest Trophy winner
1985 Wind in the Branches of the Sassafras  
November, 1985 Wait Until Dark  
March, 1986 The Playboy of the Western World   
May, 1986 Charley’s Aunt   
October, 1986 Andy Capp   
November, 1986 Trap For a Lonely Man   
March, 1987 A Doll’s House   
May, 1987 Pardon Me, Prime Minister   
September, 1987 A Tomb With a View   
November, 1987 The Winter’s Tale  
March, 1988 A Streetcar Named Desire   
May, 1988 Hay Fever   
October, 1988 Relatively Speaking   
November, 1988 Breezeblock Park   
March, 1989 Born in the Gardens   
May, 1989 Habeas Corpus   
September, 1989 Whose Life Is It, Anyway?  
November, 1989 A Chorus of Disapproval   
1970 Love’s A Luxury   
1970 Our Town   
1970 Dear Octopus   
1970 The Odd Couple   
1971 The Happy Marriage   
1971 Epitaph for George Dillon   
1971 The Late Edwina Black   
1971 Waltz of the Toreadors  
1972 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew   
1972 Collapse of Stout Party   
1972 See How They Run   
1972 The Winslow Boy  
1973 Under Milk Wood   
1973 Angels in Love   
1973 How’s the World Treating You?   
1973 When We Are Married  
1974 Devil May Care   
1974  Pillars of Society   M.D.D.F. Shield winner
1974 The Big Killing   
1974 Woman in A Dressing Gown  
1975 How The Other Half Loves   
1975 Ring Round the Moon   
1975 The Curious Savage   
1976 Separate Tables   
1976 A Midsummer Night’s Dream   
1976 Hobson’s Choice   
1976 The Day After the Fair   
1977  Becket   M.D.D.F. Shield winners
1977 Move Over, Mrs. Markham   
1977 Children’s Day   
1977 A View From the Bridge  
1978 Twelfth Night   
1978 Plaza Suite   
1978 All Things Bright and Beautiful   
1978 And So To Bed   
1979 The Heiress   
1979 The Hostage   
1979 Semi-Detached   
1979 The Servant of Two Masters   
1960 South Sea Bubble   
1960 Deep Are the Roots   
1960 The Little Hut   
1960 Shadow of Doubt   
1961 The Housemaster   
1961 Nude With Violin   
1961 Roar Like A Dove   
1961 The Whole Truth  
1962 The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite   
1962  Romanoff and Juliet   M.D.D.F Shield Winners
1962 The Rape of the Belt   
1962 The Grass is Greener   
1963 The Glass Menagerie   
1963  Morning Star   M.D.D.F Shield Runners-Up
1963 The Amorous Prawn   
1963 The Gazebo   
1964 A Letter from the General   
1964 Mrs. Willie   
1964 Brush With A Body   
1964 Doctor At Sea   
1965 A Man About the House  
1965 I Capture the Castle   
1965 Blithe Spirit   
1965  His Excellency   M.D.D.F. Shield winner
1966 The Willow and I  
1966 The Sleeping Prince   
1966 The Wisdom of Eve   
1966 A Question of Fact   
1967 The Brides of March   
1967 A Man For All Seasons  
1967 The Marriage-Go-Round   
1967 The Far-Off Hills   
 1968 Arms and the Man   
1968 Chase Me, Comrade!   
1968 Deadly Record   
1968 Say Who You Are   
1969 Bitter Sanctuary   
1969  Present Laughter   M.D.D.F Shield winner
1969 Never Too Late   
1969 Hindle Wakes   
1950 Wishing Well  
1950 The Passing of the Third Floor Back   
1951 Jupiter Laughs   
1951 The Happiest Days of Your Life   
1952 The Heiress   
1952 Worm’s Eye View  
1952 Quiet Night   
1953 When Knights Were Bold  
1954 The White Sheep of the Family  
1954 The Wise Children  
1955 The Listening Hills   
  The final play to be performed by Players’ Dramatic Society at the Parish Hall, Church Road  
1955 Count Your Blessings   
  First play to be performed at the new Playhouse, Anfield Road  
1955 Busman’s Holiday   
1956  The Hasty Heart   
1956 The Feminine Touch   
1956 Dear Charles   
1957 The Secret Tent   
1957  The Love of Four Colonels   M.D.D.F. Shield Runners-Up
1957  Haul For the Shore   M.D.D.F.Shield Winner
1958 The Night of January 16th   
1958 The Teahouse of the August Moon   
1958 The Gentle Arm   
1959 The Moon is Blue   
1959 Dry Rot   
1959  The Diary of Anne Frank   M.D.D.F. Shield Winner
1959 The Bride and the Bachelor   
1959 Something to Hide   
1946 - 1949
1946 Blue Goose   
1946  George and Margaret   M.D.D.F. Shield Winner
1947 Give Me Yesterday   
1947 To Kill a Cat   
1948 Dear Octopus  
1948 Arsenic and Old Lace  
1949  The Winslow Boy  M.D.D.F. Shield Winner
1949  No Medals  M.D.D.F. Shield Winner
1940 - 1945
Between 1940 and 1945, the activities of the Society were suspended, and no plays were performed.
1930 9.45
1931 Baa Baa Black Sheep
1932 Yellow Sands
1933 The Creaking Chair 
1934 Pleasure Cruise 
1935 The Best People 
1936 Deadlock 
1937 The Professor’s Love Story 
1938 Barnet’s Folly 
1939 Square Pegs 
1926 The Idler 
1927 Polly with a Past 
1928 Tons of Money 
1929 Vanity

Hire of Players Theatre

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If you could please include the date/s you are looking to hire, the facilities you would require and the nature of your event, this would be most helpful.


Costume Hire

We have a wonderful wardrobe at Players Theatre. We particularly have a very fine collection of period costumes.

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The Hundred Club

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We would really like to reach 100 members of the club this season – ideally more!
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Three draws take place throughout the season and three prizes are awarded at each draw.
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